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Fungicide R&D Department

The Fungicide R&D Department consists of novel fungicide discovery research lab and process development research lab.

The R&D Department concentrates on research on novel pesticide discovery method, pesticide functional molecule around the international scientific research front of novel pesticide discovery and technical research for important disease, insect attack, weed (mainly disease), and aims at designing and developing novel, green, safe and efficient pesticide varieties, so as to solve the current environmental, ecological and serious resistance problems.

Through research and practice on novel pesticide discovery in recent 30 years, it summarized and put forward the “intermediate derivatization method”, by which over 10 candidate new varieties were discovered, and four new green pyrametostrobin varieties have been registered: flumorph, coumoxystrobin, pyraoxystrobin, and scale production was realized through research on synthetic method, process, etc. Developed epoxiconazole, pymetrozine, anilofos, SYP-9625 production process, and realized industrialized production. Relevant products have generated great economic and social benefits. The Fungicide R&D Department has applied for over 300 domestic and foreign invention patents, and over 200 authorized patents (inclusive of over 80 foreign patents.). Publish over 500 papers, including over 70 SCI papers. Published 8 treatises, such as New Agrochemicals Discovery and Synthesis, The World Encyclopedia of Pesticide. Have obtained one second prize of national technological invention, 5 first prizes of provincial technological invention and scientific and technological progress, one provincial innovation team award, 6 second prizes of provincial scientific and technological progress; 3 first prizes of technological invention and scientific and technological progress by Sinochem Group. Obtain one patent gold award and 2 patent excellence awards.
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