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Sun Ke
Main education
Educated from Lanzhou University in 1984, obtained bachelor’s degree, then graduated from Northeastern University with a doctorate.
Main work experience
After graduation from university, Sun undertook the R&D of novel pesticide variety in Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry
Hold the office of General Manager and Party Secretary of Shenyang Sinochem Agrochemicals R&D Co., Ltd. at present
Deputy Director of State Key Laboratory of the Discovery and Development of Novel Pesticide
Sinochem T5 sequence expert
Member of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee, Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry, Professor-Level Senior Engineer
Main academics and social part-time jobs
Vice Chairman of Liaoning Chemical Industry Association, Chairman of Pesticide Professional Committee
Research area (research topic)
Research on synthetic process of novel pesticide variety and industrial development
Guiding the research direction of the graduate student
Research on synthetic process of novel pesticide variety;
Scientific research achievements and awards
Sun has been engaged in R&D of pesticide process for over 30 years, led the research on over ten projects such as pesticide herbicide fomesafen, fluoroglycofen-ethyl, lactofen, bactericide myclobutanil, difenoconazole, epoxiconazole, enestroburin, insecticide pymetrozine, thiamethoxam, and realized industrialization production; led 3 key programs during the national “9th Five-Year Plan”, “10th Five-Year Plan” and “11th Five-Year Plan”, and 2 sub-project research programs of national 973; published over 50 articles, one academic book, and applied over 10 Chinese invention patents; research achievements won one first prize of technological invention, one second prize of scientific and technological progress and one third prize of scientific and technological progress from Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China; 2 second prize of scientific and technological progress, and 1 second prize of technological invention in Liaoning Province; 5 achievements were affirmed as the provincial level scientific and technological achievements of Liaoning Province; awarded as an advanced worker by National Development and Reform Commission, excellent scientific and technical worker of Shenyang City, outstanding member of Communist Party in Shenyang City, Top Ten Outstanding Young Persons of central-government-managing enterprises in Liaoning Province, and awarded special government allowance of the State Council in 2004.
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