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Liu Changling
Main education
August 1982-August 1986  Chemical Department of Henan University, Bachelor's Degree of Science
August 1986-July 1989  Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry, Master’s Degree in Engineering
September 2002-July 2005  College of Chemistry, Nankai University, Doctor’s Degree of Science
Main work experience
1989-present, Liu has been engaged in scientific research and management in Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry, and acted as Chief Engineer of Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry;
Research and study on discovery of novel pesticides for 2 years in Rohm & Haas and Dow; attended important pesticide meetings in the world for multiple times, and made reports at the meetings;
T5 sequence expert of Sinochem Group, Chief Scientist of Sinochem International;
Member of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee, Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry, Professor-Level Senior Engineer
Main academics and social part-time jobs
Chairman of Pesticide Professional Committee of the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China, Director of National Pesticide Engineering Research Center (Shenyang), Executive Deputy Director of State Key Laboratory of the Discovery and Development of Novel Pesticide, authoritative judicial technical expert of the Supreme People's Court, member of Professional Committee of Fine Chemical Industry, member of (Tianjin) Technical Committee of National Pesticide Engineering Research Center, member of Academic Committee of Key Pesticide and Chemicobiology Laboratory, South China Agricultural University, Ministry of Education, member of Economic and Technological Working Committee, Shenyang Committee of China Democratic League, technological plan management consulting expert of Liaoning Province and technological plan management consulting expert of Shenyang City
Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Pesticide, Editorial Board Member of Chinese Journal of Pesticide Science, Pesticide Market News, Fine and Specialty Chemicals, etc.
Member of American Chemical Society
Part-time Professor of Nankai University, Zhengzhou University, Henan University, Henan Agricultural University; Master Tutor of Liaoning University; Part-time Doctoral Supervisor of Zhengzhou University and Guizhou University
Research area (research topic)
Discovery and research on novel pesticide-design, synthesis and biological activity research of heterocyclic compound; way and method study on discovery of lead compound
Guiding the research direction of the graduate student
Design and synthesis of novel compound with biological activity
Published works and papers
Published works: New Agrochemicals Discovery and Synthesis, The World Encyclopedia of Pesticide (Herbicide Volume, Bactericide Volume and Insecticide Volume), The World Pesticide Information Manual, Foreign Agrochemicals Handbook (Supplement), Essays of Novel Pesticide Research and Development, World Important Pesticide Variety Registration and Patent Analysis;
Participated in editing the following works: Encyclopedia of Pesticide Commodity, Pesticide Commodity Manual, Production Flow Chart of Fine Chemicals (Division II).
Published over 450 papers, including over 50 SCI papers, inclusive of one paper in Chemical Reviews (2014 Impact Factor 45) (title: Intermediate Derivatization Strategy and Its Application in Discovery of Novel Pesticide).
Be invited in 2014 to IUPAC International Conference on Pesticide held in San Francisco to make a keynote speech, titled: Way of Effectively Discovering New Pesticide Variety: Intermediate Derivatization Method.
Scientific research achievements and awards
Through exploration and practice for over 20 years, Liu put forward the creative pesticide innovation technology “intermediate derivatization method”, which cannot only break through foreign patent monopoly, but also greatly improve the success rate of product innovation, with remarkable effects. In this innovation technology or method formation and application process, Liu invented several tens of compounds with high activity, involving bactericide, insecticide, acaricide, herbicide fields, such as pyrimidinamine bactericides, their toxicity is lower than that of salt, which cannot only break the difficulty in toxicity for half of century internationally, but also bring very competitive cost performance. As of February 2017, the New Medicine Discovery & Research Lab has applied over 320 domestic and foreign invention patents, and over 200 authorized patents (inclusive of over 80 American, European, Japanese patents, etc.). One of them granted the Gold Prize of the 7th China Invention Patent Award, two granted the Excellence of the 15th and 16th China Invention Patent Award.
4 novel pesticide varieties discovered and registered in China: flumorph, pyraoxystrobin, coumoxystrobin, pyrametostrobin; flumorph is the first pesticide variety with proprietary intellectual property right in China, and meanwhile granted Chinese, American and European invention patents, and won the Second Prize of National Technological Invention, the First Prize of China Petrochemical Technological Invention, and other awards; Research and Industrialization on Green Production Technology and Application Technology of Bactericide Flumorph won the First Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress Award of 2013 China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, and the Second Prize of Liaoning Provincial Technology Progress in 2014; Discovery and Industrialization of Efficient Agricultural Fungicide Pyraoxystrobin won the First Prize of Technological Invention Award of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, the First Prize of Shenyang Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 2014, the First Prize of the 7th Chinese Pesticide Innovation Contribution Award in 2014 and the First Prize of Liaoning Provincial Technological Invention Award in 2015; won the innovation team award of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation in 2016.
Shenyang “Ten Outstanding Young Intellectuals” (1997); State Council Special Allowance (2000); award nomination of the top “Ten Outstanding Young Men” from central enterprises (2002); 8th Science and Technology Award for Chinese Youth (2004); National Excellent Scientific and Technological Workers (2005); the Candidate for “the New Century National Hundred Thousand-and-Ten Thousand Talents Project (2007); National “Outstanding Professional and Technical Personnel” (2009); Venture Model of Sinochem Group (2011); Hou Debang Chemical Science and Technology Award (2012); National Excellent Scientific and Technical Worker (2012); Excellent Expert in Liaoning Province (2013); Excellent Expert in Liaoning Province (2013); won multiple honorary titles, such as model worker, advanced individual in Liaoning Province, Shenyang City and Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry.
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